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Originated in the Northern part of Thailand, Morhom is a Thai fabric that is hard-wearing, usually it comes in different shade of blue indigo and used  for making all kinds of apparels.

Its traditional dyeing technique using boiling water in “Mor” ( pot ) together with “Hom” (indigo plants) as a dyeing base is truly unique.

The project aims to take this special kind of fabrics to its full potential by mixing the local know-how with  fashion in the world market which will in turn add value to all morhom goods.

Overseeing the production of both the fabrics and the finished apparels, MITOR lends its artistic expertise in developing the product concept, highlighting the uniqueness of morhom, giving it a new image.

MITOR marketing specialist provides insight on the European denim industry, helping to ensure that Thai morhom will fit its “Denim of the East” label comfortably.