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Daidoh Forward LTD - Japan

Global project started with the Menswear textile collection, evolved in the  Daidoh brand extension. With the success of the first module a new scenario popped up and it was created a Menswear Apparel collection under the new brand Sartoria Massarente.
The distribution of the new  Menswear Textile collection, went through the creation of a new brand “Marcello Massarente”, as an extension of Daidoh Milliontex brand with a higher positioning, specifically studied for USA and Japanese markets.
Furthermore, Mitor has developed and implemented a retail strategy, selecting 90 top stores in Europe, creating the sales network.
Mitor is developing seasonal Menswear Apparel capsule collections, distributed  in the USA and Japanese market

DAIDOH AUTUMN WINTER 2018 MENSWEAR capsule collection

Marcello Massarente Textile Brand Daidoh Sartoria MASSARENTE Fashion Brand